You Need to Know about Chat Bots in 2017

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Introducing Bot Ninja

Nice to meet you!

We are a group of creative marketing strategy & implementation ninjas who use cutting edge technology (chat bots) to rapidly generate qualified leads.

By day, we build Facebook Messenger chat bots that help businesses like yours to grow. By night we vanquish baddies with hardcore ninja moves.

We're here to give you the low-down on EVERYTHING you need to know about Facebook Messenger chat bots in 2017

What is a chatbot, anyway?

The most exciting marketing tool since… like… ever.

Chat Bot. /ˈtʃætˌbɒt/

  1. A computer program that communicates with your fans, customers and leads right where they already spend most of their screen time; within messenger apps. It's a bit like email marketing, but through messaging apps. And it's a lot more personally engaging too.
  2. The most exciting marketing tool since… like… ever.
  • Connector.


    Customers choose how and when to interact with your brand. Experiences are also personalised based on their behaviour and interaction. It's just like chatting with a close friend!

  • Connector.


    Chat bots are built on platforms that your customers use every single day so they'll have no problem understanding or interacting with your business.

  • Connector.


    Your customers actually enjoy clicking around and talking to your bot. This is because great bots are designed to humanize the interaction through conversation.

  • Connector.

    Low Cost

    The costs of hosting your bot are pretty negligible. It's actually VERY affordable to keep your chat bot up and running each month.

  • Connector.

    High Value

    Chat bot open rates and click through rates are 5-10x higher than emails. What's more, it's FAR cheaper than building your own mobile app.

  • Connector.


    Tag customers and track their behaviour to gain an insight into them and the effectiveness of your marketing funnel.

In the Press


“Forget apps, now the bots take over.”


“Some people refer to messaging as the future of the Web.”

The Guardian

“We have chosen to launch on Facebook Messenger”

The Economist

“Chat Bots, the next frontier”

“Why should I care?”

If you hate missing out, read on…

If you can get in front of the right people, and communicate the right message… you win.

There's only two simple parts to that process:
Part 1

Get Attention

Describe who your customer is, find out where they are, then get their attention somehow.

Part 2


While they're paying attention, tell them how your product or service can solve their problem.

That's where chat bots come in…

Here's just a few reasons why you should care…

1. Because effective communication is crucial

Effective communication is one of the key pillars of strong marketing.

Right now, we don't believe there's anything else that even comes close in its ability to communicate effectively with your customers.

2. Because your customers actually LIKE it

People LOVE using Messaging apps and much prefer them to email.

Chat bots also create better customer experiences, helping you stand out from the crowd.

3. Because it's far more engaging

Chat bots are about conversations, not broadcasts. It feels more like a genuine human interaction.

Because you communicate at the pace of the people engaging with your bot, they pay far more attention.

4. Because conversations SELL

It's 2017. Nobody wants to read a great big wall of text… And if nobody's reading your copy, how can you expect to sell anything?

Interactive communication allows you to have relevant conversations with potential customers at their own pace.

5. Because it's highly personalized

By segmenting your audience at key stages in the conversation with your bot, you can tailor the messages they receive to their specific wants and needs.

You can't do that with email!

Too Long… Didn't Read…

2 REALLY important reasons to care:


Because it's the most powerful form of marketing communication EVER…


…and there's never been a better time in history to start, than NOW!

“This sounds complicated…”

It's not! And here's why…

Let's call a spade a spade

There's a lot of talk of artificial intelligence and super sophisticated NLP (natural language processing) right now.

Forget it. You don't need this in your chat bot. It won't help you sell your insurance products or your gym memberships.

You can safely leave that stuff to the Ubers and the Microsofts of the world.

What YOU need is a “sequence”

The job of a chat bot is simply this:

  • 1) Start a Dialogue:
    To open a dialogue with your prospects or customers
  • 2) Segment:
    …in a way that allows you to know who you're talking to
  • 3) Deliver:
    …so that you can deliver a relevant experience.

A sequence is the easiest and most user friendly way of achieving this.

Let's call a spade a spade

There's a lot of talk of artificial intelligence and super sophisticated NLP (natural language processing) right now.

Forget it. You don't need this in your chat bot. It won't help you sell your insurance products or your gym memberships.

You can safely leave that stuff to the Ubers and the Microsofts of the world.

What YOU need is a “sequence”

The job of a chat bot is simply this:

  • 1) Start a Dialogue:
    To open a dialogue with your prospects or customers
  • 2) Segment:
    …in a way that allows you to know who you're talking to
  • 3) Deliver:
    …so that you can deliver a relevant experience.

A sequence is the easiest and most user friendly way of achieving this.

“So What's a Sequence?”

Think of a sequence as a pre-defined series of options, put into a conversational format.

Hey there!
Shall I explain to you what a chat bot sequence is?

The Key Benefits of Chat Bots

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here's a sample…

Get More Leads

With so many ways to initiate your chat bot conversation, you'll never be short of leads. Not only are they easy to use, but they've also shown to convert FAR more visitors into actual leads… FAR more often.


Your bot will ask questions and segment people into the right “buckets”. Not only will your sales team know what to say on the phone, but they'll be all warmed up and ready. Lovely.

All on Autopilot

Chat bots are programmed to run independently. Getting more leads and qualifying them totally on autopilot frees up your sales team to focus on closing more sales. Now how does that feel?

Segment Your Leads

Tag your audience based on their interactions. Want to tell your sports shop customers that you've received a shipment of running shoes? Easy. Select the “runners” tag. Talk about laser targeted!

Nurture into the Sale

You can't take a new lead and sell to them immediately. Chat bots take people through the crucial nurturing process at their own pace, addressing key objections and questions along the way.

Collect More Data

Intersperse bot conversations with relevant data gathering questions and export the answers directly to your CRM. No more 20 page surveys. Get the data you need, where and when you need it.

Initiate a Sales Chat

Keep close track of how your prospects are engaging with your chatbot. If somebody shows clear intent, you can receive an alert at precisely the right time to initiate that crucial sales conversation.

Faster Communication

On average, the people take a staggering 6-8 hours to read an email… but because most people use Messenger push notifications, they reply to a facebook message or SMS in just 5 minutes!

Broadcasts are Easy

Sending chat bot broadcasts is a bit like email marketing… on steroids! If you like the idea of doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your open rates, engagement and click through rates, you'll LOVE this!

Distribute Your Content

Step 1) Take your best content and send it to your messenger list.
Step 2) Enjoy all the benefits of 100% reach (Yep! No algorithms or throttling) and SUPER high open and click through rates.

Deeper Engagement

Chat bots connect with your fans, leads and customers on a much deeper and more personal level. In fact, people actually PREFER to use messaging to communicate with businesses like yours!

Higher Organic Reach

The newsfeed is a busy place, but messenger isn't. Say hello to no throttling, no edgerank and no pesky algorithms. Every subscriber you target will get your message, every time.


But above ALL else…

  • It reaches MORE people
  • It captures MORE attention
  • It generates MORE engagement
  • It increases LOYALTY
  • It promotes EVANGELISM
  • It costs FAR less than most marketing methods
  • It converts FAR better than most marketing methods
  • And to top if off, customers actually PREFER it!
The truth is, there's no limit to the benefits of a well-designed chat bot

You're limited only by your creativity!

Imagine if every prospect arrived inspired, nurtured and qualified

Just think about that for a second…

What the experts say

Who else is on board? Here's who…

"Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking." "We think you should be able to message a business like you would message a friend”

-Mark Zuckerberg

( Founder/CEO of Facebook )

“Marketers are in the midst of an attention war; they’re spending their dollars in the wrong places and they know it”

-Gary Vaynerchuk

( Public Figure, CEO VaynerMedia )

"We firmly believe that in the near future, every business is going to be connecting with their customers through messaging apps.

-Andrew Warner

( Founder Mixergy.com )

“Messaging apps are the platforms of the future and bots will be how their users access all sorts of services”
( Shared in Forbes Magazine Oct 23, 2016 )

-Peter Rojas

( Co-Founder Gizmodo/Engadget/Joystiq )

Our clients are currently experiencing…

80% +

Open Rates

60% +

Click-Through Rates

50% +

Optin Rates

*Results cannot be guaranteed. Actual results vary between businesses and industries.

NOW is the time to start!

Why waiting for a few years is a terrible idea…

Many people now look back fondly on the early days of email marketing, Google Adwords, Instagram, Snapchat etc…

But in the not too distant future, chat bots are also going to be one of the most important tools in the marketer's toolbox. And the smart early adopters will look back with the same fond admiration on the “good old days”…

…Back when it was easy.

The chat bots are coming…

We're currently in the early stages of what's known as the technology adoption curve.

Those who get in early get to reap the rewards later.

Have you heard stories about the first people to catch onto email marketing? Or Google AdWords? Or perhaps more recently Instagram and SnapChat?

Whatever the communication medium, it's been shown time after time that the early adopters are the ones who benefit most.

Staggering Growth

You can hardly believe it…

Facebook Messenger Bot usage may be low NOW, but it's growing at a STAGGERING rate.

But even so, we are still in the early stages of the tech adoption curve. As such, they are still MASSIVELY underused in the marketplace… meaning the opportunity is ripe.


Facebook Pages


Messenger Chat Bots


Facebook Pages


Messenger Chat Bots



FB Pages with Chat Bots

Massive Opportunity

The Fruit is Ripe for Picking

This means that only a TINY fraction (about 0.15%) of Facebook pages currently even use a Messenger chat bot.

And that's not accounting for the pages who actually know how to use chat bots properly yet (which is a very low number indeed)

Beat your competitors to the race

Be first to the race and you'll have no problem winning!

Right now it's highly likely most (or all) of your competitors don't even know what a chat bot IS…

…never mind what it does or how powerful it is.

And yet they will, soon…

Don't be last to the race

Why Facebook Messenger?

Why we decided to double down on Zuck's turf…

Clearly, there are LOTS of places that you can utilize messaging apps (Skype, Kik, Slack, BBM, iMessage, to name a few)

So you might be left wondering… What makes Facebook so much more special?

It's all about attention.

The ongoing battle for attention

In the ongoing battle for attention, it's important to stay up to date with the ever changing waves of technology that drive and capture attention. Don't forget:

“Marketers are in the midst of an attention war; they’re spending their dollars in the wrong places and they know it” -Gary Vaynerchuk

So where is all the attention? Let's find out…

Your customers spend A LOT of time in messaging apps

According to this graph, people under the age of 25 spend a whopping 8 hours on messaging apps for every 1 hour in email.

People 25-44 still spend TWICE as long on messaging apps.

It's only those over 45 years old that spend more time in email, and even then it's pretty close…

…And messenger use is on the RISE!

Source: App Annie

Even social media has been surpassed by messaging!

The prolific rise of messaging app usage recently overtook the monolithic giant that is social media.

Yes, more people now use messaging apps than social media apps. No kidding!

The big 4 messaging apps collectively have MORE monthly active users than the big 4 social networks combined.

Around 3 BILLION people use messaging apps. That's almost half the population of the entire planet!

Introducing the world's #1 communication channel…

So what's the true king of messaging apps? You guessed it…

The Headline Stats

What the statistics show

Over 1.2 BILLION people are active on Messenger

Source: Tech Crunch

Facebook Messenger now boasts well over 1.2 BILLION active montly users. Read that: ACTIVE users. Let's put that in perspective. There are only 2.3 billion people on the entire planet that even own a smartphone.

That means out of all the smartphone users on the whole planet, more than 50% actively use Facebook messenger. Read that again: ACTIVE!! So if would be fair to say that if your customer is a human with a phone… they're probably on Facebook Messenger!

5 HOURS per day are spent on mobile phones

Source: Flurry Mobile

As a business owner, you probably spend much of your time in a desktop / laptop world. But it's important to realise that isn't necessarily where your customers are spending their time.

According to Flurry Mobile, US Consumers now spend over 5 HOURS per day on smartphones (this means push notifications are VERY powerful!)

If your customer is a human with a phone…

They're probably on Facebook Messenger

-Us. We said that.

If you use any of these communication channels…

Snail Mail

You probably know these problems:


It makes it so hard to stand out!

and it's consistently eroding away huge amounts of your advertising spend.

THAT is why we chose Messenger

Not only is Facebook Messenger the world's most used messaging app, but the level of user engagement is through the roof.

Attention is at an all time high.

And because we're currently in the early stages of the tech adoption curve…

Noise, Cost, Competition and Attention simply aren't a problem.

Common Use Cases

Select an industry from the tabs below:
  • A business can teach why copywriting is so important and at the end of the sequence, offer their copywriting services to them.
  • An athletic company can segment their audience, send tailored running tips, and customize their product recommendations to sell the perfect running shoes.
  • A paleo expert can drip messages and teach people how to eat healthier, then offer their course or coaching program.
  • An investor looking to source properties on a long term commercial lease can use a chat bot to teach landlords about HMOs/Serviced Accommodation and qualify them through a survey style interaction.
  • A cosmetics retailer can display facebook ads to visitors who abandon the cart pointing them to a chat bot for a discount code. The customer is now a bot subscriber and can receive promotional broadcasts even if they've never registered or purchased from the store before.
  • A band or artist can allow their fans to subscribe to an early bird tickets notification list on their chat bot. Then when the tickets go on sale they can broadcast to the list so that they get push notifications on their phone the moment they go live. They could then also drip feed new music and content to their subscriber list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not only do they NOT mind it, they actively promote it.

Facebook, Skype, Slack, Microsoft, Telegram, Apple, Kik, Google and sooo many other platforms are all actively doubling down on the development of their messaging software and the APIs that make chat bots possible.

When you read headlines about such incredibly huge open rates and click through rates it's easy to assume that it's all a big flash-in-the-pan, black hat, spam-a-licious new marketing hack.

This is NOT the case.

These monolithic companies know that messaging is where consumer's attention is right now, in DROVES.

Chat bots are actually CRITICAL to their business model because they all rely so heavily on your advertising revenue. They need new places and new ways to serve adverts to their users and it just so happens that messaging is the number one place to be right now.

Feels good to know that Facebook is on your side here, right?

No. We've actually discovered that customers PREFER chat bots instead of email, and in huge numbers too. BUT only if they are designed properly.

Generally, we see email click through rates of ~20%… But our chat bot click through rates are regularly 85% or more (that's INSANELY high for clicks!)

For starters, the messages that people receive are FAR shorter and easier to read than a 15 paragraph email.
Secondly, chat bots are FAR more engaging, interactive and fun! You can add buttons, gifs, emojis and more; all of which help to humanize your brand and your communication.

Thirdly, there's FAR less spam. Don't forget your playing in Facebook's back yard, and because they control the whole platform, they can control how people use it and ban those who abuse it. You literally cannot message anybody who hasn't asked to receive a message or who hasn't opted in.

Finally, it's very easy to unsubscribe from a Facebook Messenger chat bot. Have you ever unsubscribed from an email sender, only for your inbox to continue to fill up with their unwated rubbish? Not with Facebook Messenger.

We go to great lengths to stay up to date with best practices so that you can avoid feeling spammy and intrusive. We create bots that people LOVE and even SHARE with their friends. We only use short messages and we only advocate sending helpful, engaging content that customers actually want and have requested to receive. Spam is for jerks, and jerks we are not!

That’s okay, you don't need to start using Facebook.

The main thing is to understand that you are the minority and that the vast majority of people DO use Facebook these days.

In fact, Facebook Messenger currently has well over 1.2 BILLION *active* users (not downloads, not accounts people log into once a year to wish happy birthday to their mum… ACTIVE users)…

So if your average customer is a human with a phone, they're probably on Facebook Messenger.

Do you remember when email was a new thing. The rhetoric back then was “what's the point in email when I can just pick up the phone?” Now it's ubiquitous; pretty much everybody uses email on a daily basis.

But as with any new technology, those who got in early reaped the biggest rewards.

You might have heard a lot about Facebook Messenger chat bots recently. And if you haven't, you're almost certainly going to hear a lot about them over the coming few months.

With this in mind, you may be wondering whether it's just hype.

It is definitely NOT hype!!

There's plenty of solid reasons why chat bot usage is rising at a STAGGERING rate but the main one is that the people jumping onboard now and executing properly are already reaping huge rewards.

Hopefully if you've read this far down then we've clearly demonstrated the exciting capabilities and amazing benefits that chat bots present but if you need more proof, get in touch for a free consultation and let's talk 1-to-1 about how chat bots can help YOUR business to grow.

Until very recently, if you wanted to engage your customers on their phones and outside of social media or your website, had to get them to download your app.

With chat bots and their low barrier to entry, this is no longer so necessary.

There's no app to install and so there are no additional app updates.

Customers don't need to have enough free storage space on their phones… they don't even need a phone!

Over 1.2 billion people worldwide can now engage with your business right where they already are; on Facebook Messenger.

How long is a piece of string? This is a difficult question to answer because it varies depending on the business and the size of the project.

Generally we find the most straightforward chat bots take only about a day to implement but some of our biggest clients take a week or more.

In order to simplify things as much as possible we've created 4 packages suitable for almost every business.

To get some more clarity, schedule a free demo with us where we can discuss your needs in more detail and let you know which package we think is most suitable.

They're really not that complicated. Here's why:

The most complicated form of chat bots around right now use a smart combination of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

In the future, as these technologies develop, bots will be able to answer almost any question imaginable and provide any result… But we're just not there yet. There's a long way to go.

In fact, when it comes to AI, even the smartest million-dollar backed bots on the planet are still pretty dumb by human standards. But here's the good news:

You don't need any of that stuff! (Phew!!)

What YOU need is a “sequence” – a series of linear steps and commands to guide the user from a cold prospect to a warmed up lead.

Simply put, the bot calls on a human to take over. Anything your bot CAN'T do can be passed immediately on to a you a your team member to take over.

Inevitably, there will always be a question or comment that your bot doesn't know how to respond to. Artificial intelligence just isn't intelligent enough yet.

Bots are actually very intuitive for your customers to use but sometimes they can get confused and do something that the bot doesn't know how to respond to.

When this happens, you will receive a push notification on your phone and/or an email message alerting you that your presence is needed in the chat.

Yes, customers will know how to use chat bots, as long as they've been designed well enough.

A good chat bot is designed to be completely intuitive and easy for the consumer to engage with.

Yes. Humans should be answering pretty much all off-the-cuff questions and comments. BUT, this is NOT the job of a bot.

The bot's job is to INITIATE conversation and engage the consumer.

Once they're ready to speak to a human and ask more questions, your bot will pass them on to you, ready warmed up and pumped full of knowledge about your business!

We're pretty sure you won't mind a few extra warm-and-ready leads talking to your sales department, right?

We get it, somebody comes to your page, ready to get in touch and clicks “Send Message” – only to be greeted with a “Get Started” button.

There's nowhere to type a message. You'd think it might be confusing right?

Well not really. Once they click “Get Started”, your bot will immediately appear with a greeting message and informing them of the option to talk to a human if they need to.

Also, to make absolutely sure your customers are able to quickly get through to a human, we recommend adding the “talk to a human” option to your main menu and your “default reply” (the default response when a chat bot doesn't know how to respond)

We all understand the frustration of navigating those cumbersome telephone menus and being told that “your call is important to us”.

Let us be clear.. The job of a chat bot is NOT to replace human interaction.

They are designed to supplement it. If a customer ever needs to speak to a human, there are plenty of intuitive ways to get through to somebody very quickly and very easily.

No. It's not free, but it's actually quite cheap!

In order to have your own chat bot, it needs to be hosted on a “platform” (which is techie jargon for “somewhere to host all of the files and code” – the stuff that makes the magic happen).

There are tonnes of platforms available but they're generally very affordable.

As a rough guide, most platforms will charge in the region of $50 /month for a few thousand subscribers.

In order to save you on development fees and tech support costs, we also offer a range of monthly packages to suit your needs.

Once your chat bot is set up, it requires very little maintenance. It runs on autopilot.

However, that's not to say you won't need to do anything. Remember, your chat bot is going to be pumping out warm leads for you. You will still need to get onto Facebook Messenger and follow up with them to close the sale!

You do. Always. We cannot take it from you.
With our service, you will have a fully functioning bot.

If you would like us to aid in managing your bot, we also have ongoing management plans available. Please get in touch for more info.

Yes, we'll even show you how!

HOWEVER, we don't recommend that inexperienced creators make significant changes (anything other than image changes, copy changes or typo corrections etc).

If you would like to make a change following the set up of your bot, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

You don't. You can do this on your own. You can even use our bot as a guide to help you do it.

The benefit of working with us is that you get to benefit from thousands of hours of experience and wisdom, knowledge of best practices and strategies to help you get to your end goal quicker and more effectively.

We also stay on top of the constant changes with the Facebook terms of service and platform rules. This can help you avoid getting into hot water. Businesses that receive too many complaints or unsubscribes get banned by Facebook and it is famously difficult (often irreversible) to get your account back.

Yes, if they're not used properly. Those who abuse it will end up banned.

However, our approach is to maintain a helpful, friendly and educational experience in order to avoid the hard salesy approach.

Subscribers can stop receiving messages at any time by swiping left inside the FB Messenger app.

One of the most controversial moves Facebook has ever made was to detach the messaging experience from within Facebook and roll it into a completely separate app.

In retrospect, it was a VERY smart move. There are now over 1.2 BILLION active users every single month.

You simply cannot get to over a billion people without reaching users of all ages.

Messenger is more streamlined and exciting for younger users than the main Facebook app.

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